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Quality Pest Solutions In Ste. Genevieve, MO

Founded in 1735, the town of Ste. Genevieve, MO is located right on the banks of the Mississippi River. As the oldest permanent European settlement in the state of Missouri, Ste. Genevieve is home to many historic sites and beautiful scenes of Mother nature. The bad news is that our town is also home to local pest populations, which means local properties are vulnerable to pest infestation. To guard your home or business against pests, it’s important to rely on the experts.

Roberts Pest Control provides Ste. Genevieve County pest control that works. Our common sense pest control solutions are what we use to service homes and businesses throughout Ste. Genevieve and the greater St. Louis metro area. We bring a high level of professionalism to every job that we do, and we won’t stop until you’re completely satisfied with the results. Call us today to experience the difference, the Roberts difference.

Residential Pest Control In Ste. Genevieve, MO

Here at Roberts Pest Control, we offer residential pest solutions that Ste. Genevieve homeowners can depend on. We’ve serviced almost 2,000 homes throughout the greater St. Louis metro area, and we work hard to bring homeowners and their loved ones the complete pest coverage they deserve.

We deal with a long list of common area intruders, some of which include mosquitoes, bed bugs, termites, rodents, ants, cockroaches, silverfish, fleas, ticks, and spiders.

Our residential process includes:

  • Interior and exterior inspection 
  • Detect pest activity, entry points, and conducive conditions
  • Inside and outside treatment and evaluation
  • Service six times per year, every 60 days
  • Spraying around exterior 
  • Treating cracks and crevices and dusting
  • Rodent bait stations around the perimeter
  • Keep pesticides away from your family
  • Ongoing service for exterior, interior upon request
  • Additional services for bed bug heat treatments, rodent solutions, termite control, mosquito control, and the bug store

Our home pest control solutions cover both the interior and exterior of your home, covering all your basic pest control needs. We strive to keep you and your loved ones safe, which is why we keep pesticides away from your house and your family. Get in touch with us today to discuss your residential pest control needs. One of our technicians will schedule your free inspection, and we’ll get started right away.

Commercial Pest Control In Ste. Genevieve, MO

To protect your Ste. Genevieve business from pest infestation, look no further than Roberts Pest Control. Our commercial pest solutions give business owners year-round coverage from infestation. We specialize in commercial cockroach control, but we also treat all kinds of common pest problems in the area. Some of the facilities we’ve serviced include restaurants, office buildings, multi-family housing, food processing, education, and property management.

After customizing a treatment plan just for your facility, we comprehensively exterminate all pest activity from the property. We also return for follow-up services to keep you guarded in the long run. Our ultimate goal is to keep you pest-free and protected, and our team of state-licensed pest professionals is here to deliver the results you deserve. Call today.

Does Your Ste. Genevieve Yard Need Professional Mosquito Control?

Mosquitoes are vector pests that can transmit disease into their hosts. Infected mosquitoes pass along viruses, parasites, and bacteria, which can lead to a long list of diseases, including malaria, West Nile virus, encephalitis, Zika virus, yellow fever, chikungunya, dengue fever, tularemia, and many others.

In fact, it’s estimated that 700 million people get mosquito-borne illnesses each year, leading to death in many cases. The good news is that the pest professionals can help you. Licensed pest experts can effectively target the infestation at its core, eliminating active mosquitoes, nests, and conducive conditions around your property.

If you want to address your mosquito problems at large, your Ste. Genevieve yard needs professional mosquito control. Roberts Pest Control provides comprehensive mosquito control services that protect your property from infestation all year long. Call us today to talk about your mosquito control needs, and we’ll get started.

The Dangers Of Cockroaches In Ste. Genevieve

Cockroaches are very unsanitary pests that cause widespread contamination throughout the properties they infest. This large-scale contamination can negatively impact your health, which is why it’s vital to be aware of the dangers of cockroaches in Ste. Genevieve.

Cockroaches feed on waste and decaying matter, crawling through the trash and sewers all day, picking up pathogens and bacteria. When they enter our homes and businesses, they bring these germs with them and cause widespread contamination, compromising food sources, vulnerable surfaces, and even the air quality.

The best way to protect yourself from cockroach infestation is to get in touch with a team of experienced pest professionals. Here at Roberts Pest Control, we’re proud to be your local source of quality cockroach control and prevention services. Call us today to learn more about our services and how we can help protect you from an infestation.

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