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Park Hills, MO Pest Control

Pest Control In Park Hills, MO

In St. Francois County, MO, Park Hills is full of terrific residents and business owners who make the area an incredible place to live. Unfortunately, we also have many pests that can invade our local homes and businesses, spreading disease and destruction in the process. If you are a Park Hills home or business owner, you need pest control solutions you can trust to keep your property pest-free. 

For the best St. Francois Country pest control services, contact the professionals here at Roberts Pest Control. We offer residential and commercial pest services that Park Hills property owners can count on to keep their homes and businesses pest-free. Contact us today to receive a free estimate. 

Residential Pest Control In Park Hills, MO

Pests can cause serious problems when they get into homes, such as spreading disease and damaging the property. That’s why Park Hills homeowners need effective home pest control from a company you can trust. 

We begin by performing a comprehensive evaluation of the property, inside and out, to determine any entry points, harborage zones, or other conducive conditions. Based on our findings, we develop a custom pest treatment plan for your home. The initial treatments target both the interior and exterior. We also include a free rodent treatment for our first visit. 

If you enroll in our ongoing service plan, we return every 60 days to ensure your home remains pest-free throughout the year. There is no one better than Roberts Pest Control for home pest control you can count on. Contact us today to request a free quote. 

Commercial Pest Control In Park Hills, MO

Commercial pest control services, such as restaurant pest control, are designed to keep businesses, their employees, and customers safe from pests and the problems they can cause. Here at Roberts Pest Control, we offer custom pest solutions to every business that we service to ensure each customer receives the most effective treatments available, while also taking any industry regulations or other considerations into account. 

  • We service a range of industries, including:
  • Education
  • Food Processing
  • Multi-Family Housing
  • Office Buildings
  • Property Management 
  • Restaurants

For practical commercial pest control services, contact us today. 

What Can I Do About These Park Hills Mosquitoes?

Everyone knows just how annoying mosquitoes can be. However, did you know they are also dangerous? Mosquitoes can transmit several harmful bloodborne illnesses. As such, it is essential to do what you can to limit their presence around your Park Hills property. To do so, you should follow these mosquito prevention methods:

  • Fill in any low-lying areas or holes that might collect rainwater. 
  • Store lids and bins upside down to keep from collecting water. 
  • Ensure gutters are free of clogs. 
  • Do not overwater your lawn. 
  • Keep grass cut short and trim vegetation around the property. 

In addition to following these mosquito prevention measures, you should partner with the pros here at Roberts Pest Control for additional mosquito control for your property. Contact us today to get started and limit mosquito activity around your home or business. 

Expert Advice On Tick Control In Park Hills

Ticks are parasitic pests that feed on the blood of animals and humans alike. In doing so, they can spread various bloodborne illnesses. As such, Park Hills property owners need to limit tick activity around their homes and businesses. To do so, you should follow these tick prevention methods to keep ticks and the animals that carry them out of your yard. 

  • Keep outdoor dining spaces free of food debris and spills. 
  • Store exterior trash in bins with tight lids. 
  • Install protective fencing around gardens. 
  • If you have fruit trees, pick up fallen fruit. 
  • Pick up uneaten pet food after your pet has finished eating. 

For more advice on tick prevention, contact Roberts Pest Control today. We offer tick control solutions that you can count on to limit your exposure to ticks around your property. Contact us today to get started. 

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