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Reliable Pest Control In Pagedale, MO

Located just miles from the heart of St. Louis, the small city of Pagedale is a community-oriented locale that’s peppered with its own restaurants, shops, and parks. With the addition of city proximity, Pagedale is ideal for people who want metropolitan amenities but also the quiet of the suburbs. This slice of the state remains relatively mild for the majority of the year with a modest amount of rainfall. While these conditions seem steady, they’re enough to induce pest infestations for business owners and homeowners alike.

Luckily there’s Roberts Pest Control. As a locally owned and operated business it’s our mission to ensure that the homes and businesses of our community are safe and pest-free. With over 15 years of experience in pest control, we’ve serviced thousands of homes and businesses, so we know what it takes to make a happy client. Contact us today for more information about keeping your property free from pests.

Residential Pest Control In Pagedale, MO

A pest infestation has the potential to be devastating for Pagedale homeowners. They put your health at risk and threaten the structural integrity of your home. Luckily there’s Roberts Pest Control. With over 15 years of experience in pest control, we know how to eradicate pests from your home in a way that is safe and effective. We start each new client off with a no-cost, no-obligation inspection, and quote in the spirit of full transparency and honesty. From there, we develop a treatment plan that fits your schedule and your budget. Our team is state-licensed, friendly, and professional, which means that we’re always able to offer you the best in our quest for results. Whether you’re handling a current ant infestation or are looking to keep rodents out of your home, we can help. Contact us today for more information about keeping your home pest-free.

Commercial Pest Control In Pagedale, MO

As a business based in the community that we serve, at Roberts Pest Control we understand your unique needs as a Pagedale business. And with over 15 years of experience providing quality pest control for commercial clients, we are uniquely positioned to work with your business. At Roberts Pest Control we focus on providing straightforward, safe, and honest services so that you never get charged for something that you don’t need. Our treatments are geared at a total understanding of your property, one that you’ll work with us to gain. We service the likes of retail establishments, warehouses, restaurants, and more from common area pests like spiders, rodents, cockroaches, ants, and more. For reliable, honest service that you can trust, contact Roberts Pest Control today for commercial pest control. 

What Is Attracting Rodents To My Pagedale Property?

Rodents like mice and rats are all too common pests for Pagedale property owners. They come seeking very basic, yet specific things, and will do things like chew at your foundation in order to gain access to them.

Here are a few ways that rodents are attracted to your property.

  • Food: Rodents are scavengers, which means that they will eat anything thing they can find, and it’s all the better if it’s your food. Things like dirty dishes, spills that were left unattended, or trash that’s piled up is enough to attract and keep them around.
  • Water: Like other mammals, rodents need water in order to survive, which means that if they can’t find it outside, they’ll crawl into your home for the likes of leaky pipes and faults, as well as toilets.
  • Shelter: Though Pagedale is home to temperate year-round conditions, sometimes outdoor conditions are just too much for rodents so they seek shelter inside homes and other buildings.

Rodents come with a host of characteristics that make them dangerous to you and anyone else on your property. They carry diseases and viruses as well as threaten the structural integrity of your property by chewing through your wires and walls. That’s why if you either need protection from rodents or the safe removal of a family, your best bet is to contact Roberts Pest Control today.

Answers To Pagedale's Most Commonly Asked Flea Questions

Fleas might be nearly microscopic but they can jump up to three feet, taking advantage of any host that might come their way. From there, fleas make their way into your home or building undetected and then wreak havoc on your health and your pet’s.

Here are a few answers to some most common questions about fleas:

  • Are fleas dangerous for my health? Fleas bite and those bites can lead to skin irritation, allergies, and secondary infections from itching. That said, they are most dangerous for your cats and dogs because pets are their primary feeding source. Overexposure to fleas can also lead to anemia in your pets.
  • How did fleas get inside my house? Sometimes fleas are left behind by previous tenants but other times they get brought inside your building or home by untreated pets, nuisance wildlife that’s hanging around your property, second- hand items, or by you (primarily if you’ve spent time in places with vegetation overgrowth).
  • What can I do about the fleas on my property? If you have a pet, consider speaking with your veterinarian about year-round flea and tick prevention. And always talk to a professional exterminator for the best protection from fleas.

If fleas are plaguing your Pagedale property, contact the pros at Roberts Pest Control today.

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