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Mosquito Control In Ballwin, MO

Flexible Solutions For Your Ballwin Property’s Mosquito Problem

Missouri weather may be unpredictable, but one thing is certain; once the weather warms up enough, mosquitoes will return en masse. Despite their ability to seemingly be everywhere with no relief in sight, there is a solution to having too many mosquitoes on your St. Louis property.

Roberts Pest Control in provides mosquito control solutions in Ballwin and surrounding communities that will drastically reduce the number of mosquitoes in your yard. Not only does this save you the annoyance of constantly swatting at flying pests and the frustration of being bitten repeatedly, but it also protects you from the dangerous illnesses mosquitoes can spread through their bites.

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Our Mosquito Control Process

Because mosquitoes are a seasonal problem, our mosquito control service is a seasonal program that starts in April and ends in September. We also offer the service a la carte in March and October since there are years when mosquitoes show up early or stay late.

Our main mosquito control service involves the treatment of the trees and foliage on your property. We do this by using a commercial mosquito mister. The service is done once a month in order to maintain a residual barrier that minimizes mosquito issues.

Additionally, you can choose to have us provide a larval treatment for an additional fee. We will treat areas of standing water, such as birdbaths, with a larvicide. Since mosquitoes require standing water to hatch their eggs, treating as many of these areas as possible is very effective at reducing mosquito populations.

Eliminate Mosquitoes & Enjoy Your St. Louis Backyard!

Mosquitoes can steal the joy of spending time outdoors, but you can get it back again with help from Roberts Pest Control. Our home pest control services keep mosquito populations low on your property all season long. With flexible scheduling and treatments done your way, you’ll be glad you decided to contact us for mosquito control.

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