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Reliable Pest Control Solutions For Des Peres, MO

Located in the heart of Missouri and less than a half hour from St. Louis, Des Peres has something to offer anyone. With the comfort of the suburbs, Des Peres is also surrounded by woods and conservation areas. With a humid subtropical climate and diversity in range of temperature and elements, Des Peres is also home to a host of different pest problems that a homeowner could encounter. But that doesn’t have to be the case.

Roberts Pest Control has been serving the St. Louis area for over 15 years with dedication and expertise. Our award-winning, highly trained team of technicians are ready and adept to handle any pest problem that may come your way. We believe that pest control should be proactive rather than reactive, and we are by your side no matter what the situation may be. When you work with Roberts Pest Control, you get a team that cares about your health, your reputation, and a greener alternative. We seek to provide businesses and homeowners alike with year-round pest control services and look forward to working with you.

Home Pest Control In Des Peres, MO

It’s our goal at Roberts Pest Control to keep you, your family, and your property safe and free from pests, 365 days a year. Our answer to pests is simple, tackle your pest problem from the outside-in to mitigate any potential interior issues.

While many other companies might oversell the value of interior visits, at Roberts Pest Control, we believe that most of what should occur with pest eradication should take place outside of the home to keep you and your family safer. That said, if an interior issue should arise, simply give us a call and one of our highly trained technicians will come for an inspection to start our home pest control process.

At Roberts Pest Control, we offer automated scheduling so that you never have to remember a follow-up visit again. We offer confirmations via text, phone, or email, you decide! It’s our mission to keep your home and property pest-free at your convenience.

Commercial Pest Control In Des Peres, MO

The team at Roberts Pest Control is proud to serve businesses of all shapes and sizes in the Des Peres area, from restaurants to commercial office buildings. Our team understands that everyone’s needs, and therefore solutions, are different, so we specialize in custom commercial pest control solutions.

Our team of licensed pest control professionals will work alongside you to find a plan of action that will keep your clients and your business happy and free from pests. For our commercial clients, our services include termite prevention, termite eradication, bed bugs, rodents, wildlife, and more.

DIY vs. Professional Rodent Control In Des Peres

When rodents have moved into your home, they’re truly difficult and unsafe to try to handle without the assistance of a professional team. Rodents are incessant chewers, which they do to keep their teeth from overgrowing, but this can actually lead to chewed electrical wires and house fires.

Other times, their fecal matter can leave behind traces of pathogens like salmonella. The list goes on. Trying DIY solutions to evict a family of mice can prove nearly impossible because they: 

  • Work secretively
  • Burrow in areas of the home that are hard to reach
  • Are nocturnal in nature
  • Multiply rapidly
  • Carry diseases and viruses that are dangerous to humans and pets

DIY rodent control will prove unsafe and without results, because if you’re lucky enough to spot one mouse or rat, it almost definitely means that there are many more living in your home. At the first sight of a rodent infestation, call the professionals at Roberts Pest Control to receive our rodent control service in Des Peres.

How Dangerous Are These Fleas In My Des Peres Home?

Fleas are the worst. They’re a tiny parasitical hitchhiker that will feed off of any warm-blooded mammal in order to get their fix. And did you know that fleas can go up to three months without a blood meal? This means that once they’re in your home, they have very little incentive to leave if they aren’t getting what they desire.

Fleas are a worthy adversary that can consume 15 times their body weight in blood, all of which comes from you or your pets. Fleas can cause anemia and dermatitis, and they can also transfer tapeworms through their saliva. While these side effects are unpleasant to humans, they can actually be much more serious to your dogs and cats. To protect Fluffy or Fido from the harmful impact of fleas, consider speaking with your veterinarian today about year-round flea prevention. Partnering with your vet and professional flea control from Roberts Pest Control will keep your pets and home flea-free.

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