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Complete Pest Solutions In Chesterfield, Missouri

Incorporated in 1988, Chesterfield, MO, is located just 25 minutes west of downtown St. Louis. We enjoy beautiful green valleys and rolling hills, and living here offers locals a superb quality of life. Unfortunately, the presence of pests compromises that quality of life. Chesterfield homes and businesses are susceptible to pest infestations all year long, and it’s important to secure the proper protection for your property and everyone inside of it.

Here at Roberts Pest Control, we’re ready to tackle all your residential and commercial pest control needs. Our family-owned and operated company has over 15 years of pest experience in successfully detecting, eliminating, and preventing pest infestations. Our team caters to your needs every step of the way, from our first inspection through each follow-up visit. Contact us to request your free quote, and we’ll get started.

Home Pest Control In Chesterfield, MO

If you want to protect your Chesterfield home from the dangers of household pest infestations, the team at Roberts Pest Control is here to help. We deal with a long list of common household intruders, some of which include mosquitoes, bed bugs, termites, rodents, ants, cockroaches, silverfish, fleas, ticks, and spiders. Whatever residential pest problem you’re facing, we’ve got your back.

We’ve serviced over 1,750 homes in the greater St. Louis metro area, and all our home pest control services are customized to meet your needs. Our goal is to keep you and your loved ones safe, which is why we keep pesticides away from your house and your family. Along with our home defender plan and our mosquito control services, we offer additional services such as bed bug heat treatments, rodent solutions, termite control, and The Bug Store. Call today to learn more.

Commercial Pest Control In Chesterfield, MO

The most effective way to guard your business against a commercial pest infestation is to reach out to the pros for help. Roberts Pest Control works with a long list of local facilities, providing commercial pest solutions to restaurants, office buildings, multi-family housing, food processing, education, and property management. During our commercial pest control process, our team of expert pest technicians will do the following:

  • ID pest problems, activity, and conducive conditions
  • Treat the property with an industrial aerosol machine
  • Eliminate 90% of the pests within the building
  • Customize a treatment plan based upon your business

After we finish treating your facility, we return weekly or bi-weekly to maintain pest-free conditions throughout the year. Reach out today to discuss your commercial pest control needs. Our technicians will schedule your free inspection, and we’ll get the ball rolling from there.

Homeowners Guide To Minimizing Mosquitoes In Chesterfield, MO

Mosquitoes are harmful vector pests that expose you and your loved ones to a long list of illnesses. From Zika to West Nile, there are several mosquito-borne illnesses to be wary of, and the best way to protect yourself is to minimize your exposure to these parasites in the first place. Luckily, there are some preventative measures you can take to reduce the presence of mosquitoes around your Chesterfield home.

Be sure always to wear insect repellent when spending time outdoors. You should also wear long sleeves and long pants when possible and get permethrin or DEET-treated clothing. Next, try to keep windows and doors closed. When they are open, make sure you have a protective screen that keeps insects from entering.

Another important thing to remember is to reduce sources of standing water. Because mosquitoes lay their eggs in water, it’s imperative to remove these potential breeding areas. The most reliable source of mosquito control and prevention is to get help from the pest professionals. Reach out to Roberts Pest Control to learn more about our mosquito solutions.

How Effective Are Bed Bug Heat Treatments In Chesterfield, MO?

If you’re worried about the presence of bed bugs in your Chesterfield home or business, we highly recommend looking into bed bug heat treatments. Heat treatments are the most thorough and effective way to eliminate bed bugs.

The effectiveness of bed bug heat treatments is unmatched. Not only do heat treatments kill off all stages of the bed bug’s life cycle, from egg to adults, but the heat can also reach secret harborage areas that are otherwise difficult to access. Bed bug heat treatments give you same-day results that you can depend on, and that’s what the team at Roberts Pest Control is here to do.

After thoroughly inspecting the property and detecting all active bed bugs and signs of bed bug activity, we provide a prep sheet to the customer before our initial visit, and then we heat the home to a temperature that will eliminate all the bed bugs in the house in an eco-friendly and more effective way than conventional chemical applications. Get in touch with us today to discuss your bed bug control needs; we’re here to help you.

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