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Effective Pest Solutions In Bloomsdale, MO

The small city of Bloomsdale, MO is conveniently located right off I-55 and Highway 61. With a population of 521 people, there are a lot of familiar faces around town. Some of these faces, however, may not be what you’re expecting. All around town, local pests are looking for sources of food, water, and shelter. Coming face-to-face with a pest in your Bloomsdale home or business is a real nightmare, and that’s why we’re here to help you.

Roberts Pest Control is Bloomsdale’s local source for complete residential and commercial pest solutions. We are a family-owned and operated company that is proud to provide Ste. Genevieve County pest control and unparalleled customer service. We work hard to bring our valued customers common sense pest control solutions using science-backed treatments. From our very first inspection through each and every follow-up visit, our team caters to your needs every step of the way. Call today to get started.

Residential Pest Control In Bloomsdale, MO

With over 15 years of experience in the pest control industry, our family-owned and operated company knows how to protect you and your family from infestation. We’ve serviced over 1,750 homes in the greater St. Louis metro area, offers residential pest control treatments such as:

  • Inside and outside treatment and evaluation
  • Service six times per year, every 60 days
  • Spraying around the exterior of the home
  • Treating cracks and crevices and dusting
  • Rodent bait stations around the perimeter

Whatever your pest problem, all of our services are customized to meet your particular needs, and we’re confident in our ability to bring you and your loved ones the pest-free results that you deserve. Reach out today for your free quote and inspection.

Commercial Pest Control In Bloomsdale, MO

The team at Roberts Pest Control is proud to serve local businesses with comprehensive commercial pest control solutions. We work with a variety of local companies, some of which include restaurants, office buildings, multi-family housing, food processing, education, and property management.

During our commercial pest control process, our team of expert pest technicians completes the following:

  • ID pest problems, activity, and conducive conditions
  • Treat property with an industrial aerosol machine
  • Eliminate 90% of the pests within the building
  • Customize a treatment plan based on your business

After we service your facility, we’ll return for follow-up services weekly, bi-weekly, or as often as you need us to. Contact us to request your free quote, and we’ll get started. There’s no better time to secure pest protection for your Bloomsdale business.

What Is The Best Termite Control Method In Bloomsdale?

Termites are small pests that can cause large-scale property damage. If you want to protect your Bloomsdale property from termite damage, it’s a good idea to be as proactive as possible. Here are some preventative measures to help you keep termites away:

  • Apply loose mortar around all your windows and doors.
  • Closely examine all wood before bringing it onto your property. 
  • Dispose of any rotting or moisture-damaged wood.
  • Eliminate any wood-to-soil contact.
  • Fix leaky faucets and faulty pipes.
  • Install a dehumidifier in moisture-rich areas.
  • Keep downspouts extending away from the house.
  • Keep wood stored away from the perimeter of the house.
  • Reduce excess moisture around the property.
  • Repair rotten areas of the roof to prevent entry.
  • Use vent fans in kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms.

While the above suggestions can be helpful in your termite prevention efforts, none of them are entirely effective on their own. At the end of the day, the best termite control method in Bloomsdale is to secure ongoing services from the pest professionals. Reach out to Roberts Pest Control for comprehensive termite solutions that protect you from infestation.

Why Silverfish Love Bloomsdale Homes

Silverfish are tiny pests that get their name from their shiny, metallic coloration, and the way they move like fish. While they are small in size, they can cause a lot of destruction around your home. So, what brings them into your house in the first place? Well, silverfish love Bloomsdale homes for three reasons: food, warmth, and high humidity.

  • Food - Silverfish feed on starch-based products like books, photos, newspapers, clothing, and storage. You can often find holes in these items after a silverfish has finished feeding.
  • Water – Silverfish depend on moisture to survive, so they can often be found in moisture-rich areas of your home like the kitchen, bathrooms, basement, and attic.
  • Shelter - In the colder months, silverfish seek a safe place to nest and spend the winter. The warmth of your home makes it the perfect spot to hide away until spring arrives.

If you want to protect your home from a silverfish infestation effectively, the best approach is to reach out to your local pest experts. That’s where we come in. Roberts Pest Control is here to deal with all your silverfish problems, bringing you year-round pest coverage you can trust. Call today to learn more.

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