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What To Know If You Spot Silverfish In Your Ballwin Home

June 04, 2022 - Silverfish

How much do you spend on clothing each month? Some people go shopping weekly. Others may pick up a new outfit once every few months. Regardless of how often you shop for clothing, we know one thing will always be true. You don’t want the clothing you have to be eaten by pests. In fact, we can all agree that even the thought of pests chewing holes through our favorite shirts, jeans, and socks is a bit disconcerting. If you have been noticing damage to your clothing or you are looking for ways to prevent clothes-damaging pests from invading your Ballwin home, take some time today to learn about silverfish. For immediate services to deal with an infestation of silverfish inside your home, jump to our contact-us page. We will schedule an appointment for your home to handle your problem quickly. To learn: "What are silverfish?" keep reading.

How To Identify A Silverfish

Silverfish are tiny, silver, fish-shaped insects with two long antennae and three bristle-like tails. If your home has an active infestation, your chances of seeing a silverfish indoors are low. These pests are good at staying out of sight and love hiding inside plush carpets, used clothing, and in other similar areas indoors. Keeping this in mind, here are a few silverfish infestation signs to look for around your Ballwin home.

  • Live silverfish
  • Peppercorn-like droppings on the backs of furniture and the spaces beneath cupboards
  • Molted skins
  • Yellow stains on your clothing, furniture, and other fabric-based items around your home
  • Holes, surface etching, and other damage to clothing, drapes, carpets, and other fabrics

If you suspect silverfish are around but are not certain, let the professionals at Roberts Pest Control perform a detailed inspection. With just a short visit, we can identify what pest pressures are present inside your home and suggest a plan of action to get them out fast.

The Problem With Silverfish In Your Home

One question we regularly get is, “Do silverfish bite?” Although silverfish bite clothing and other fabrics, these pests rarely use their mouths to attack humans. In most cases, these pests will run away when faced with danger. The only way to elicit a bite is to trap one in your hands or against another part of your body. The real problem silverfish cause comes with the way they damage fabrics. These pests love to eat things that are rich in starches, protein, and fiber. If you didn’t know, items like cotton, flax, silk, polyester, nylon, rayon, and wool all contain fiber. Now, silverfish are a bit picky about what they eat. They mainly eat fabrics that contain other substances found on fabric like the starches your clothing is made of or the cleaner it was cleaned with. All of this can get complicated. All you need to know is that silverfish eat clothes.

Why Silverfish Like To Invade Our Homes

Silverfish invade local dwellings for a couple of reasons. The first reason is to find shelter. Nature is not always kind to insects like silverfish. These pests have to work hard to survive when the weather gets cold, hot, or otherwise unfavorable. Inside our homes, silverfish have to work much less to stay protected. Our temperature-controlled living areas are comfortable for these pests and our humid kitchens, laundry rooms, and basements provide all the moisture they need. The second reason silverfish invade homes in Ballwin is to find food. It is so easy for silverfish to find food indoors. Even a crumb is enough to keep these pests sustained for days. If these pests can’t find human food, they will feed on things like paper, photos, book bindings, wallpaper, glue, carpet, hair, and many other unsavory things.

How To Get Rid Of Silverfish In Your Home

If you are worried about silverfish establishing a home around your living areas, do not hesitate to involve the professionals at Roberts Pest Control. We have the means to inspect your home for pest pressures and the tools to keep out invaders like silverfish year-round. It all depends on what level of protection you are looking for. Our basic Ballwin pest control plans cover many general pests, including silverfish, while our specialty services handle more difficult invaders, such as termites.

Contact us today and we will walk you through your options to find a plan that best fits your Ballwin home’s individual needs!

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