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St. Louis Property Owners' Guide To Effective Mole Control

June 24, 2021 - Moles

Many species of moles exist nationwide, yet the vast majority of those found in St. Louis, Missouri are Eastern moles (Scalopus aquaticus). Moles are often miscategorized as being a type of rodent. However, they are actually a type of small mammal that is known for its powerful front limbs that allow for underground digging.  Eastern moles are roughly the size of most chipmunks, measuring approximately six inches long, weighing two or more ounces, and have fur that appears in shades of gray, brown, and black.

Moles dig underground burrows and tunnels that often extend to depths of up to one foot where these creatures build nests for raising their young, and to access their primary food sources, such as worms and grubs. During the spring, moles will generate small litters of offspring that develop in a few weeks. Moles eat a considerable amount each day to maintain the energy necessary to dig, which creates molehills.

Are Moles Dangerous?

Moles are largely seen as more of a nuisance than any direct threat to human health; however, they may carry rabies and have ticks, as well as other parasites. Moles can have some environmental benefits, such as aerating the soil, and reducing the population of grubs. Moles can impair root systems, causing dead patches on lawns. Their holes can also be hazardous to small children, and they might create damage to underground sprinkler systems.

The Challenges Of Eradicating Moles

It can be difficult to remove moles for a variety of reasons:

  • They are solitary creatures that spend the majority of their time below ground.
  • Moles tend to burrow very deep underground during the winter months, and be more difficult to access.
  • Many of the treatment options are potentially dangerous for those with small children or pets.
  • Moles can create vast tunnel systems with several exits.

A wide range of treatment options are used for moles. Examples include insecticides, baiting, live traps, spring-loaded traps, repellents, noxious gases, and more. When you want to eliminate moles quickly, it is best to contact a professional.

Why Should I Contact A Pest Control Professional?

Home or business owners recognize the importance of protecting their investment, and act accordingly when troublesome pests invade and become a nuisance, cause property damage, or potentially create health risks. Some individuals underestimate how quickly a somewhat minor pest intrusion can progress into a full-blown infestation that becomes increasingly difficult to eradicate. Others will mistakenly read about and try fabled home remedies or do-it-yourself home treatment options sold online, or in local retail stores. 

In most cases, the mythical natural solutions are simply folklore, and the effectiveness of the store-bought products are exaggerated. Contacting a licensed pest control company is the best way of responding to these problems. A professional will conduct a detailed interior and exterior assessment of the property to determine the nature and extent of the pest-related concern, and propose the most effective treatment options.

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The team of seasoned experts with Roberts Pest Control has been safely and efficiently eliminating invasions involving rodents, bed bugs, termites, and many other unwanted pests from local homes and businesses for many years now. Our trained specialists now adhere to many of the best practices and safety guidelines recommended by the Missouri Pest Management Association, the Greater St. Louis Pest Control Association, and other industry leaders.

Two key aspects of our continued success are a firm commitment to providing top-quality customer service, and standing behind our work with a satisfaction guarantee. As a family-owned pest control company in St. Louis, we also strive to operate in a manner that protects our customers and the local environment. We encourage you to reach out to us today for a no-obligation estimate and get started with our home pest control or commercial pest management services.

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