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Help! Mice Keep Getting Inside My Home In St. Louis

December 20, 2021 - Rodents

If you see mice moving around your St. Louis home, you may be wondering, "why are mice in my house?" To help you find an answer and learn how to prevent mice, read on to see all of the mice prevention tips in this guide.

Understanding House Mice

House mice are some of the most common home-invading pests and ones that many individuals can easily recognize. These pests are on the smaller side with brown to greyish fur, broad feet, and large whiskers. Mice use their whiskers to detect both food and predators and have developed a rather dependent relationship with people throughout the years as they have evolved alongside human civilizations. 

Thanks to their skills at living alongside humans, today’s mice are highly skilled at scavenging food, water, and shelter from our homes. However, when mice enter the house, it can create a major problem. Mice can cause significant destruction thanks to their constant chewing; they will gnaw their way through the wood, electrical wiring, plumbing, and cinder block, and this activity can add up to costly repair bills.

Mice also carry major diseases such as hantavirus, salmonella, and lymphocytic choriomeningitis. Not only can you contract these diseases from touching the mice, but you may also pick them up from coming into contact with contaminated food or with the airborne urine or feces from the mice around your home.

Additionally, mice can introduce fleas and ticks to your home, and these parasites can create their own infestation and bring the additional risk of disease.

The best way to get rid of mice is to learn how to prevent mice from entering your home. The following tips can help you get started mouse-proofing your property:

  • In order to deter mice from entering your property, it is important to engage in proper food and trash storage. Make sure to store all leftover food properly, clean dirty dishes promptly, and dispose of trash in tightly sealed bags. Also, be sure to clean up food and liquid spills as soon as possible.
  • Inspect and seal up entry points around your house that mice can use as access points. Be thorough, as mice can enter through incredibly small openings, and make sure to use a chew-proof material such as steel wool or hard cement.
  • Declutter your home frequently, paying special attention to dark, secluded areas such as basements, attics, and garages. The less clutter and untouched piles of items you have around, the fewer hiding places for mice.
  • Keep your yard clear of debris, especially organic debris, and keep the grass trimmed low to deter mice from hiding on your property in the first place.

And while prevention tactics can be effective, the best pest control for mice is to contact the professionals at Roberts Pest Control for more advice and assistance.

Mice Prevention and Control

Because mice are so prolific and tend to settle deep into the hardest-to-reach areas of your home, they can be incredibly difficult to remove. These rodents tend to reproduce fairly quickly, causing an infestation to go from small to full-blown before you know it. The best way to get rid of mice once they enter your home is to contact the professionals at Roberts Pest Control. Our experts will be able to find mice hotspots in your home and provide you with targeted, effective solutions.

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